- The BMW - the perfect car for love cheats.

The Swingers car, the BMW.

My first and only automotive poem so far.

4y ago

I sit here now, a silver Beamer -

transport of the guiltless dreamer!

My cosseting white, leather seats –

perfect for the man who cheats!


A business meeting, I’m here, I’m there,

my owner could be anywhere!

He hides so carefully where he goes,

I wonder if his poor wife knows?


His secretary – he had her in the back,

with eyes so blue, and hair – coal black.

She of course was really reckless,

his wife near found her lost, dropped necklace.


Are his dangerous liaisons just for thrill?

He keeps them secret with great skill.

Or is to cheat, a mark of success?

Something my owner may possess.


Money, flash car and big house too,

holidays abroad to name a few.

How happy is he with his marriage -

loving strangers in his carriage?


I don’t know, I’m just a car.

I see his actions from afar.

Does he really love his wife?

Is he happy with his life?


Of course it matters not to me,

he’ll sell me on in a year or three.

I’ll have a new owner, yes, in time,

I'm silent witness to his crime.


I'm really a fantasy author. My first book is available to download free here: - amzn.to/2gYiAa5 I wrote this poem as part of a creative writing course. I may write more automotive themed poems soon! Hope you enjoyed it.

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Martyn Stanley

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Comments (2)

  • Glad you enjoyed it. There are some quite personal references to someone I know in there. It was fun to right the poem from the perspective of the car. I liked the marriage and carriage rhyme with the dickensian cane-waving aristocrat imagery. I thought it was a great fit for the topic! :)

      4 years ago
  • That's quite the naughty poem. I love it, thanks for posting!

      4 years ago