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      Let's explore the who, what, where and why of car culture

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      We're all here for the same reason, that we're Petrol/Gas/Gear/Piston (or which ever your local reference is) heads. We all have a love for cars, for driving, for particular makes and models, the technology and the passion, and the history behind an incredible invention which has shaped mankind, molding our society over the past century, from relief, to war, to victory. Creating new destinations, new dreams, and new opportunities. Each of us has a very unique connection to cars, to what they represent, and how it affects us.

      This is a journey into the past, present, and future of cars and their culture. Our current era is an incredible vantage point to see the past and see the possibilities which lie ahead for years to come from amazing advances in technology, and how advances in technology has resulted in changes to car culture and our society in general. What was it like, what is it going to be, who matters, where is this all going? It's questions like these which we're looking to examine and learn more about what it really means to be an automotive enthusiast, this is an anthropological look into car culture, this is autopology.

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