The Taxi Driver

Today marks the new start of The Taxi Driver, It's not just about testing tyres for Michelin its about the interesting people that I meet on a daily basis and sometimes the random things and places I see.

It's fair to say it's never a dull moment, This year has seen me test Michelin CrossClimate Tyres, I have driven former welsh rugby star Shane Williams, Popstar Ben Adams and Strictly Winner Joanne Clifton just to name a few celebs I have had the privilege of carrying. The taxi has been used as Wedding Car for Mr & Mrs Conrad, We found a cheating partner by using the Find your friends on the snap map part of Snapchat, I've been puked on and this list is just ever growing so I've decided to share these moments on my blog.

Hopefully my blog will be entertaining but sometimes with a serious note also.... Anyway lets see what 2018 brings!!

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