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The Terzo Millennio Is Lamborghini and MIT's New Concept Car

Lambo and MIT's new car is chock full of wild science

3y ago

Yesterday we wrote about Lamborghini and MIT's new joint project, slated to reveal sometime during the week. It turns out "sometime during the week" means "one day later," since the duo have officially revealed the Terzo Millennio.

The Terzo Millennio is Lamborghini and MIT's answer to an automotive world that is going increasingly hybrid and electric. Cars like Tesla are now even handing off the driving itself to computers. But is that what super/hypercar customers want?

"You don’t normally buy a sports car to have it driven by a computer," says Lamborghini America's COO Alessandro Farmeschi. Lambo's R&D director, Maurizo Reggiani added:

"If you ask one of our customers, do you want to have a chauffeur? No...For [the customers], the number of cylinders is fundamental, [just] like horsepower."

As a result, Lambo has been working with MIT professors (a 3 year contract) and students to figure out how to use supercapacitors in a way that captures and releases energy simultaneously. As for the structure of the car itself, they are looking into ways to build the body and components with carbon fiber nanotubes that could potentially replace traditional li-ion batteries in today's electric cars.

In a year, Lamborghini hope to have settled on materials needed to create the carbon fiber nanotube batteries. Year two will be about developing a structure to store and release energy, and year three will be about containing all this into a 3D geometry.

Reggiani stresses, however, that this doesn't mean that Lamborghini is going entirely electric or even hybrid. Even if a hybrid component is used, Reggiani promises that they won't compromise on the engine, so Lambo will still sport a nice W or V double digit engine.


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