The Tesla Model S scored just 51% for reliability in owner survey

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Tesla has had a tough time recently, what with its difficulty in ramping up production for the Model 3 and the small matter of its CEO calling someone who helped save children's lives a paedophile.

However, despite owners generally adoring their cars and often taking to social media to shoot down any criticism, it seems the long-running Model S does have a few issues that get on owners' nerves.

According to a recent owner survey by WhatCar? magazine, the Tesla Model S is the least reliable electric vehicle on sale today. While owners had no issues with the powertrain, other complaints included bent seat frames, broken door handles and parking sensor failures, with just over half of owners saying their car had been out of action for at least a week in the past year.

Overall, the most common problem was bodywork-related, with 30% of owners reporting issues, followed by non-engine electrics with 19% and interior trim with 7%.

The most reliable electric car was the Nissan Leaf, which scored a hugely impressive 99.7% , despite Nissan's poor overall showing in the manufacturer standings. The Toyota Yaris petrol-electric hybrid also scored well, with 98.2%.

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  • Tesla makes pretty bad cars. They are loved by people who don’t know much about cars.

    2 months ago
    • They’re loved by people who love a company that is run by probably the greatest person alive today

      9 days ago
  • one taxi driver from eu bought two Tesla’s because something about rebates. He said handles came off. You don’t see stuff like this anymore. IMO Tesla will be out soon as all these big companies start selling more affordable electric cars. I give elan musk all the credit for really making ev market alive but maybe it’s time to let the car companies continue to make cars. I don’t think Tesla can compete with benz, Toyota, Audi in anyways.

    3 months ago
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