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The Tesla Model Y is the newest addition to the NYPD's fleet

It's thought that it's the first police-spec Model Y in North America

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Teslas have slowly been becoming a part of our automotive fabric for quite a while now. You can see Model 3s plying their trade as taxis in a lot of places now (one notable example being a yellow New York taxi!). Multiple Tesla models have been turned into police-spec patrol cars in California (a Model S) and Australia (a Model X) and a Tesla Cybertruck has even been ordered by the Dubai police. The New York Police Department has now joined in on this mini-craze of ordering Teslas as police vehicles, as it's received the first-ever police-spec Tesla Model Y in North America!

The NYPD stated on its Facebook page that its latest crime-fighting acquisition would be serving with the Detective Division. As you can see from the videos that have been posted on Facebook, it's fully outfitted with the whole gamut of lights. This comes from a fully up-to-date Whelen CemCore Lighting system that includes automation and remote connectivity as well as a low-profile appearance when the lights aren't being used. These definitely aren't your typical old-fashioned blues and twos!

The reason why these Teslas are being used in the Detective Division instead of as frontline patrol cars is to do with efficiency and range anxiety. The type of driving done by patrol officers is much more likely to cause heavy fluctuations in range, whilst the driving done by detectives is much more calm and controlled, lending itself better to the characteristics of an electric powertrain.

It's estimated that this Tesla Model Y could save $8,525 in gasoline costs over a 5-year operational period. Whether that'll offset the extra cost of buying the Tesla in the first place compared to a more typical vehicle for a detective unit isn't quite clear as of yet. It could make much more of an overall impact in cost savings if the entire fleet ended up being replaced with EVs, though; do a bit of simple maths and that saving of 8 and a half thousand dollars over 5 years per car looks very convincing!

The NYPD isn't the only police department in America to be testing out the Tesla Model Y as a police vehicle. Departments in Fremont, California and Spokane, Washington are also testing police-spec Model Ys; those cars just haven't been publicly unveiled yet like the one in New York. If the trials in California and Washington are also successful, maybe Tesla Model Ys will become the new car of choice for some branches of the police?

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  • What a terrible idea!!

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  • You’ll never hear them come with the sirens off

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