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The Tesla Model Y Now Features A Hitch Option

It's official, it's time to upgrade your Tesla Model Y.

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Good news everyone, Tesla has recently added a hitch kit to the Model Y. The Model Y will be capable of towing 3,500lbs on 19" or 21" wheels. Adding a hitch to your Model Y will open up a vast amount of possibilities. You can now tow motorcycles, bicycles, lightweight campers/caravans, cars, cargo trailers and anything you can attach to it that corresponds with the weight specifications. The new feature will only cost an additional $1,000 for US buyers and $1,200 for current owners. This includes a high strength steel towing bar, trailer harness, 2" hitch receiver and a "tow mode" software upgrade. Tow mode will survey your trailer and watch for any swaying, it'll then apply the brakes to stabilize the load. The option is well worth the cost, as it makes your Model Y far more capable than those without it.

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Photo by DriveTeslaCanada

Photo by DriveTeslaCanada

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