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The Tesla Model Y performs brilliantly in the moose test

The SUV passes the exam with flying colours

17w ago

With their higher ground clearance resulting in a higher global height, it is logical that SUVs are less at ease in cornering than sedans. Their higher centre of gravity and greater mass amplify their inertia when cornering, as the laws of physics dictate.

However, electrification has changed the game since the batteries are placed in the chassis, lowering the centre of gravity considerably, to the point where SUVs can compete with the best sports cars in the field. The Tesla Model Y demonstrates this in action in the dreaded moose test.

The little brother of the Model X passed the test with an entry speed of 83 kph (51.6 mph), which puts it in the top tier of all categories. As we can see in the video, the grip level of the Michelin Pilot EV tyres is very satisfactory even if the rear of the car tends to slip when leaving the first corridor of cones.

The understeer is naturally present but remains very well controlled and the same is true for the body roll, which is authoritatively controlled by the perfectly calibrated damping. Note that the model tested is a Long Range version with 20 inch wheels and an all-wheel drive.

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Comments (9)

  • If an electric car with a huge battery shelf under the floor failed the Moose test it would be some really bad engineering.

      3 months ago
    • True, as electric cars are meant to have low centre of gravity.

        3 months ago
    • BUT they have a lot more mass to control so it's not as straight forward as one would think. This is chassis and suspension dynamics more than low center of gravity thought the low COG helps. COG is only a fraction of the equation.

      I don't want...

      Read more
        3 months ago
  • Great, moving on…

      3 months ago
  • What’s the difference between a ice vehicle and a Tesla? The ice vehicle has a dipstick in the engine bay and a Tesla has a dipstick in the driver’s seat!

      3 months ago
  • What’s the big deal?…. It weighs over four thousand lbs it’s hardly going to roll down the grass

      3 months ago
  • Finally Tesla did something right

      3 months ago