T​he Tesla Roadster (and why it will ruin motor racing forever...)

A​n opinion on why the Tesla Roadster will ruin motor racing in a good way...

I​n 2017, Elon Musk was wrapping up the Tesla Semi unveiling, when all of a sudden, all lights went out, and out of the back of one of the Semi’s, a hot looking, cherry red roadster rolled out. That roadster however was not the one Tesla had unveiled in 2003, 14 years earlier. It was something else. First impressions were shocking. No one knew they were going to see a new roadster. There were no leaks, Tesla hadn’t announced anything. Nothing. And there it is flying around with its designer, Franz Von Holzhausen, in the drivers seats. It boasted 0-60 in 1.8 sec., +250mph. top speeds, meanwhile having a range 620 miles, at highway speed. Now, you may be thinking, how will it ruin motor racing forever? Well, no other car even comes close to the performance that the Roadster emits. The closest car that comes close to the 0-60 time, is the Bugatti Chiron, with an outstanding 2.2 sec. But also an outstanding price tag.` So, the Roadster will DOMINATE competitors, and most likely be on poll position, every, single, race. And win, every, single, race. However, not all is bad. Currently, other than Formula E, there is no other EV only race, so the Roadster may, or may not, bring in a new era of racing. Due to its incredible performance, I have no doubt’s that it will catch the eye of main stream automakers and teams.

A​ll statistics are subject to change. This story is somewhat an opinion and not based entirely on facts and knowledge.

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