The Tesla Roadster still has to beat this to be crowned the EV king

Last week, the automotive world went absolutely crazy over Elon Musk's latest offering - a reimagining of the Tesla Roadster that is claimed to bring obscene performance to the table. Devouring the sprint to 60mph in just 1.9 seconds and reaching speeds of over 250mph, the all-electric sportscar is nothing short of a revelation for what we deem possible for a car. As it stands however, these are simply claims of a tech giant, rather than anything physical and proven.

That leaves the Nurburgring champion that is the NIO EP9 at the top of the electric performance revolution, taking the fight to internal combustion before the Tesla proves itself. The Chinese creation comes through NextEV's crossover with Formula E, forming a blisteringly quick supercar that has conquered all at 'The Green Hell'.

Setting a lap time of 6 min 45.9 seconds, the NIO EP9 sits a full 6.1 seconds quicker than its nearest road-legal competition, the Lamborghini Huracan Performance. It accomplished this time by using an electric motor at each of its wheels, with all four contributing towards a 1341bhp total that propels the carbon fibre supercar in aggressive silence.

It may have had severe battery overheating issues in the run-up to its scintillating time but there's no dispute over the fact that this EV is the current benchmark for the Tesla Roadster to topple.

Do you think the 250mph+ Tesla will actually make production? Or do you think it is yet another marketing ploy by an increasingly criticised brand? Tell us your thoughts below!

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  • This is a good time to be alive. I will always love the sounds of a V8, or a turbocharger, et al., but I've always wanted to witness the rise of the EV.

    1 year ago
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  • Tesla is just a taxmoney consuming hype, and the roadster is Elon Musk wet dream of creating a smoke curtian to cloake the deep troubles his company is really in. Let him try to sell a single profitable car first, OR build the long expected 'affordable' Model 3.

    1 year ago
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    • Yeah Tesla have had a lot of problems over the past few years and they still aren't making an overall profit, so I don't see how they can keep going on. But personally I'd much rather...

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      1 year ago
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