The thing I completely Do not understand about today's NASCAR community

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My question to this black lash over Austin Dillon's win, why? You seriously call this a dirty win, in NASCAR of all things at DAYTONA. Why do those two have significance? 1. NASCAR: boys have at it, that's the rule right? What's that mean? Well that means be as rough as you like as long as you don't make it completely obvious that you wreaked him. Case in point Martensville 2015. Matt Kenseth after leading a fair bit of the final 50 laps of the race is spun and taken out of contention for the win by a wreak involving Joey Logano. Kenseth repaired and back on track slows until Logano is about to lap him and when Logano attempts to pass Kenseth turns right and takes out Logano. Now that is a good example of modern dirty driving in NASCAR.

Now let's go to some older incidents, how bought the legend himself Dale Earnhardt

Spinning multiply drivers to try to move up the field, was he damned as the dirtiest driver of all time? No he's a legend. So when Austin Dillion has to move a BLOCKING Aric Almirola out of the way when Dillion has momentum (we'll get to that part later in my Daytona argument) is damned as the dirtiest driver on the current grid.

Now how is moving a driver in a Daytona equivalent of a Bump and run condemned as dirty. Yes, the crash was violent, however that's not due entirely to Austin. He did what other drivers do at other tracks but add 50 mph and restricter plates and everyone now has to hold hands? Now I'm not gonna beat around the bush anymore. 2. Daytona. Daytona is a plate track. Plate track means pack racing. pack racing equals drafting and momentum. Keyword Momentum here. Momentum is what gets you to the front of Daytona. If your in the Front of a 10 car pack that's bad news for you. Means everyone behind has a draft partner and is bump drafting to try to get the front. Your only defense up front is aggressive blocking. Aric did that. Dillon's only offence is trying to get him out of the way changing lanes equals no draft parenter, no draft parenter equals no momentum, no momentum equals tail end of the field for you. So winning now means your gonna have to get a bit physical, It's not uncommon to move the leader out of the way at THE Daytona 500. now one wants to just let someone go when winning the most prestigious race on the calendar is in one to go. Aric blocked, Dillon had the momentum for the lead, he moves him. Racing incident. However, Ryan Blaney aggressively blocking causing two massive pileups, nothing? Now Dillon is one of the most polar driver in terms of fans on the grid. Why? cause modern standards for drivers is ridiculous. Just because we in a modern age driver aren't allowed to touch each other in fear of a mob after you. So drivers in the past with less safety than what we have now are called the glory days of not being afraid of rubbing each other are pardoned, but these guys are condemned for the same acts that make others famous? Ridiculous. Standards should be the same no matter what no matter the era. This isn't F1 cars aren't made of glass they can take a few hits. Dillon wasn't endangering anyone's life or actively trying to kill someone. He just what everyone else was on that track, drivers trying to win

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  • It's kinda funny that the same people that say Brad K spinning out Chase Elliot was all Elliot's fault, will then say that the Dillon / Almirola spin was Dillon's fault. Its a weird world were people only see what they want to see.

    11 months ago
  • Check your spelling before you print a review. Dayton is in Ohio, Daytona is in Florida

    11 months ago


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