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The time 50,000 Brits wanted to make Jeremy Clarkson Prime Minister

C​larkson as a Prime Minister could just work, or could be a recipie for disaster!

25w ago

Everyone knows and loves Jeremy Clarkson, well... unless you are a member of the Green Party, Welsh (because he microwaved a 3d map of them), the Vicar who's tree he hit, anyone from Mexico and anyone from Patagonia, German people, bus drivers, lorry drivers, Gordon Brown, Piers Morgan and many others. But have you ever wondered what it would look like if he was in Boris Johnsons place, well it would have been Gordon Brown's place.

[The government should] Build park benches and that is it.

J​eremy Clarkson

I​n 2008, a petition was signed by nearly 50,000 people who wanted Jeremy Clarkson to become Prime Minister, which would have been brilliant. Unfortunately, it isn't that easy, let me explain... In the UK, to become Prime Minister, you have to be an Member of Parliament (MP) and to realistically win you need to be a member of one of the main parties: Conservative or Labour. From there, you will need to stand in a leadership election - where members of the party vote on who they want to lead them. They will either be Prime Minister or leader of the opposition from here. If there is an election, the people can vote on who they want to win, they need a majority in the House of Commons (326) and if not, they may need to join with another party or rule as a minority government.

S​o, it isn't as easy as a petition being signed, and being an MP would mean that Clarkson would have to take a major pay cut, even becoming Prime Minister would mean taking a huge pay cut. As well as this (as we've learnt from Boris Johnson) you can't have a column in a newspaper as Prime Minister and you can't host a TV show as Prime Minister.

L​ater in 2008, Downing Street made a video and put it on YouTube, which addressed the petition.

Since then, in September 2013, he half-jokingly said that he may stand as an independent candidate in the constituency of then Labour's leader, Ed Miliband, but decided not to after all. This was retweeted over 1000 times, including by Labour's former deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, also known as "2 Jags Prescott".

T​he UK could have been different if that petition had worked - people could drive up to 112mph, there would be no double yellow lines, no traffic wardens, no speed cameras, no busses, no caravans, no bicycles. The roads would be bliss, pure motoring and no caravans. He even once said that the government should just "build park benches and that is it. If he was in power he would be very libertarian - taking the government out of most things.

Overall, Jeremy would have made a good Prime Minister, if he would take a pay cut, would quit writing columns and quit making TV shows. He would be a surprisingly good Prime Minister - especially for motorists, not so much for Greenpeace, Welsh people, Mexican people, the Vicar, the Green Party and Piers Morgan lovers.

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Comments (20)

  • Yesss! Clarkson for president!

    And who says that we Germans don’t like him? He is such an admirer of our cars 😎.

      5 months ago
    • I was meaning all of the impressions that he’s done in the past and the impressions of the “Quintessentially” British Mini. But he would be a brilliant Prime Minister!

        5 months ago
    • I wouldn’t say that about much else you make though.....

        5 months ago
  • Let May be the queen then!!!

      5 months ago
  • I remember the petition. I thought it had way more signatures but then I maybe confusing those who like the facebook page with something else. A Libertarian in number 10 with a Libertarian cabinet would be bliss.

      5 months ago
  • what

      5 months ago
    • Yup. 50k Brits wanted him to be PM - I can imagine it would be higher now!

        5 months ago
  • Not saying much but Clarkson would be much better than Boris. That said I wouldn't want Clarkson running my country. He'd be bored to tears.

      5 months ago