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The Time For Term Limits For Cars Is Now

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It's time for term limits for cars.

There is a simple solution to the automobile industry crisis that has the United States, Australia, and other countries on the brink of becoming third world countries.

It took me a long time to realize that some of my favorite cars, including the Nissan GT-R sports car, Dodge Challenger/Charger muscle cars, and current BMW 7 Series luxury sedan, despite going through multiple facelifts and powertrain changes over the last decade, go far back to the Bush era. These cars all happen to be among the oldest of the cars in their segments.

I don't know whether it should be ten years, eight years, or maybe even six years per generation, but of one thing I am rigorously satisfied — the time for generational term limits for cars is now.

Tenure, heaven forbid, the last thing this world needs is to foist manufacturers for decades on naive, non-enthusiast drivers with old vehicles posing as "new" when they eventually decide to call it a day.

There are a few cars that are laughable to drive in today's society, including the Dodge Journey (ugh), Nissan Frontier (meh), and Toyota Tundra/Sequoia ("okay" trucks, I guess...) in the United States. The Mitsubishi Montero, Toyota Land Cruiser twins, and few others are amazing - but they are still awaiting redesigns.

No matter how many updates a car or truck has went through, when the same body-style car has been produced in the last 10 to 20 years, manufacturers start developing some strange ideas for these outdated cars, turning legends like the 7 Series and Challenger/Charger into some oddballs. Which is why all BMW has is the ultra-heavy M760i and not the full-on M7 (which, even then, wouldn't be on par handling- and interior-wise with modern competitors like Mercedes-AMG's S63 and Audi's S8), and why the Hellcat models still can't outperform any other car of similar straight-line performance on a circuit.

Recently, Dodge has cut the V6 engine, all-wheel drivetrain, and 6-speed automatic transmission options from the Journey lineup.

Thankfully, the Nissan Frontier is getting a complete makeover for the US market this year.

I have previously made a poll regarding this subject.

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