The time I accidentally sneezed on a $400,000 Rolls Royce Phantom

In my defence, I didn't have a tissue...

35w ago

Oh boy, here we go again, yet another article ruining my chances of getting any press cars in the future. First, it was about the time I accidentally broke into the McLaren Technology Centre and now it's about the time I accidentally sneezed on a very expensive Rolls Royce. At what point do these 'accidents' become purposeful?

And before I carry on, none of these have been deliberate, I have just been unfortunate.

This story dates back to 2015, so five years ago. At this time in my life and in this story, I was visiting Dubai for a week or so. When we go back to Dubai we often like to take a look along the vast amount of supercar dealerships which line Sheikh Zayed Road.

So, we set off one afternoon to see what we could find. That day, we ended up seeing what wasy easily $10-20 million worth of cars. It was quite a day for everyone else, but now the best for me.

You see, I had come down with a bit of a cold, as you do and this was before COVID, so don't have a go at me in the comments. But anyway, I was sneezing a bit and was a bit snotty but then again, I always tend to get like thata in Dubai as you're constantly going between the hot air outside into the freezing air conditioned indoors.

I think we had gotten to the last dearlership of the day, and its name escapes me but it was a great one. It wasn't as large as Al Ain Class Motors for example, but it had some very impressive stock nonetheless.

But not only was the stock good, but the A/C was exceptional and that's when it went all downhill from there. The second I stepped in, I could feel my nose twitching, which would have been fine if I had a tissue but I had just thrown my last one away, meaning I was stranded.

I couldn't exactly ask for one either, as I am not sure the dealership get many questions about tissues, so I managed to hold down a sneeze and continued walking around.

I got about halfway through the dealership and I had reached a beautiful 2012 Rolls Royce Phantom VII. It had white paint but also had a rather unusual exposed metal centre part spanning the whole length of the car. As I lent into take a closer look, I felt a sneeze coming and it was too late.

Some stock we saw that day while supercar window shopping.

Some stock we saw that day while supercar window shopping.

So to sum up, I couldn't hold it in, which resulted in me covering the bonnet in snot, so I grabbed my dad's shoulder and told him we had to leave immediately, and having seen the snot, I think he got the hint too. We left, got in the car and never spoke of it again.

It's unfortunate that we left so abruptly, as I would have loved to get a photo of that car. However, if any of you know someone in the Middle East with a white and silver Rolls Royce Phantom, then there's a chance it had my snot on it at some point. Consider it a gift.

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