The Time Machine

2y ago


This truck is THE truck that made me truly take a serious interest in the Minitruckin' culture. My dad was a mechanic, but besides hot wheels toys I was never really into cars when I was younger. Right around the time I started driving, the first Fast and Furious movie premiered in theaters and I fell in love with the import scene that was really starting to boom. Lowered compact cars with bright paint, 17-inch tuner wheels, widebody and ground effects kits sparked a creativity related to cars that I never considered. A car wasn't just a mode of transportation. It was a canvas or a block of clay that's malleable with an infinite number of possibilities.

The only truck I ever liked was Marty McFly's black Toyota Hilux from the Back to the Future movies...


A Back to the Future replica Hilux. -photo via a google search

I got into cars, but I never liked trucks. Trucks were big and boring. They weren't sleek in any way and never caught my attention. I just didn't really see them for what they could be. The only truck I ever liked was Marty McFly's black Toyota Hilux from the Back to the Future movies and even that probably had more to do with wanting to be as cool as Michael J. Fox than the truck itself.

As I was working on customizing my first car with friends who were doing the same I began to hang out with some people who were starting a local car and truck club. A few of them were building low, small pickups with adjustable suspension and shaved sheet metal. They were interesting, but I wasn't really roped in. Paul Walker and Vin Diesel still had me wrapped up in imports.

Then I saw The Time Machine.

A true work of art with hundreds of small details. I was instantly hooked on minitrucks. Every inch of this truck had been altered in some way. There was custom paint inside out and underneath with intricate details you could lose yourself in for days. There was a real stained glass back window that perfectly integrated with the graphics on the hood, roof and bed cover. There were realistic raised dinosaur fossils on that bed cover and a beautiful chrome spine underneath. Hidden taillights, turn signals that popped out of the side pillars and then retracted flush, a set of billet aluminum wheels that can only be found on this very truck. The list goes on...

The details in this truck still rival most custom trucks of the current era and the level of creativity around every corner has made this truck a benchmark of mine when I'm looking over custom vehicles of all types. I'll be honest, there are a few things I would do differently if it were mine, but those personal preferences still can't sway me from holding this truck at the top of my own list of the best minitrucks of all time.

This is the truck that made me want to be a minitrucker.


This is the truck that got me hooked. The one that taught me to look for the hidden details. The one that I stop for every time. This is the truck that made me want to be a minitrucker.

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