The Time Richard Hammond Tried To Be a Comedian - Richard Hammond's Crash Course

For Flashback Friday, let's take a look back at Richard's stint as a stand up comedian

3y ago

For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of watching Richard Hammond's Crash Course, I implore you to give the show a look. It follows Richard around in the first season as he learns to operate various forms of heavy equipment, and in season 2, it presents Richard with a serious of random jobs he must perform.

In one of these episodes, Richard must perform as a stand up comedian at New York's iconic Gotham Comedy Club for a crowd of 300. In the clip below, we watch as Richard struggles with the jitters before making his debut as a stand up comic:

And what original material did Richard choose to talk about? Why, a recent kidney stone, of course. The crowd seemed amused and you could hear laughter here and there, but just from that clip, it's hard to tell how much they really like him.

If you watch the entire episode, you will see that the crowd does take to Hammond quite well, and Richard, as we all know having watched him on TV for so man years, has wonderful comedic timing. All was well, and Richard survived his greatest fear!


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