The Time Richard Hammond Was Hypnotized...

One question... was it real?

3y ago

I'm not sure if I believe in this kind of stuff, but I have to say. This was quite convincing. Ignore James May's attempt at being Ali G at the beginning of the video, though. It might put you off.

In the early days of Top Gear, when Hammond looked more like a Dwarf Russian hamster than anything else, the trio once entertained the thought of being hypnotised.

It was the first episode of Series Four, and Paul McKenna, a man famous for his behavioural science and hypnotisation skills, was asked to come onto the show. In private, away from the cameras, he loaded Hammond up with some hypno juice and sent him on his merry way to drive a very powerful Alfa Romeo hatchback.

Before he stepped in, McKenner put him to sleep, and persuaded Hammond's mind to forget everything he knew about driving a car. This could only lead to one thing. Humility. And surely enough, it was hilarious. Watch the whole clip below.

If that wasn't enough, later in the studio he was then told to think a children's pedal car was his very own, brand spanking new 911 Turbo. Engine sounds and everything.. Unfortunately, it met a brisk end as Jeremy enters with an electric Jeep and hits him, resulting in a very angry Hammond.

If you haven't seen this yet, it's certainly worth a watch!


Do you believe it?

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  • He did start liking Porsche 911's after that way more than he did before that, but I don't know.

      3 years ago
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      3 years ago
  • It was episode Two ;)

      3 years ago
  • One of the questions I would ask Hammond if I'd meet him... 'What the hell...?' 😂

      3 years ago
  • Not sure if he’s recovered from that......

      3 years ago