THE TIME WHEN TATA WENT BONKERS(and it is unlikely to happen again)!!!

JTP, an Indian firm collaborated with Tata and helped them to make it and OHH! boy this thing is S-W-E-E-T

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Few days ago, randomly I commented on a post asking "W​HAT IS/WAS THE MOST OBSCURE AND RARE CAR MADE IN YOUR COUNTRY?" I thought well this ofcourse is!! A Tata Indica Silhouette. Well what is it? One thing was obvious, this vehicle intrigued a lot of people on drivetribe, I mean come on getting 25 likes on my post is as rare as a BMW driver using a turn signal!! and then this comment alone got so this many likes. I had to write about it.

Quintessentially what the HECK is this thing?

Well it is a Tata Indica/MG CityRover but ofcourse not your ususal white taxi Indica. Built by JTP, it was a joint-venture between the Tata Motors and the Jayem Automotive(now largely defunct). Built to tear the tracks and rule the roads, the Silhouette did its deed by standing on 2006 New Delhi Auto Expo stands for kiddos to drool upon.

How was it different from the consumer IndicaV2?

Apart from the obvious non-functional rear doors many things differed from the production car. Indica Silhouette concept car featured rear-wheel drive, extensive bodywork, and a 3.5-litre 330 hp V6. The car was capable of accelerating from 0–100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, and maxed out at 270 km/h (170 mph). For starters, the IndicaV2(consumer car) had 70HP.

Did they just hammer the V6 into the engine bay with sticks and tools?

This could have been one plausible solution but blokes at Tata decided to remove the rear seats(Ahh!! that is why rear doors do not openπŸ™‚πŸ™‚) and attach the V6 in the middle just like the Renault Clio V6.

Did someone think of using front fender as a tool to scoop out soil from road?

Sadly no, no-one did use them for. As a matter of fact, front fender along with the flared arches and a big diffuser(big enough to play Table Tennis) increased the downforce so that it could hug the ground(which it did while standing at the auto expo's ground).

Where is it now?

Sadly no clue regarding it, I even mailed Tata Motors and JTP(the company which made it in collab with Tata) asking about it but did not get any response. I would love to see this piece of art someday and review it.

Will I get more bumps on this than my comment

Ummm probably not but that depends on you

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