- The poor, poor tire

The Tire Incident...

The journey back north took its toll on the Eclipse

Right before coming back to Connecticut from Georgia, we got two of the tires done at a place that is big enough to sue me if I name them and their timely mess up publicly. Well, the picture up above is what happened to the front passenger tire when we were on the way through Tennessee. We had felt something off with the tire but it held air... for a while at least. It was late at night when we started to hear that dreaded thump-thump-thump that a flattening tire makes as it goes over pavement.

After pulling over and finding no holes in the tire, my husband got back in the drivers' seat and we kept going. But the tire just wouldn't hold. We pulled over again and he looked again. He found something this time and patched it, but it turns out that whatever it was he found was not the issue at hand. After two more tries, we finally decided that we should probably call a tow truck to get us to the nearest rest stop, less than a mile away. My husband actually went across a few lanes of traffic, heading back to a Love's to use their phone, since we couldn't seem to get a signal on our cell phones.

While he was gone, I was able to reach a tow company and then, miraculously, my husband.

He made his way back as the tow truck driver pulled up in front of us. I don't remember the words that were exchanged exactly, but I remember the local sheriff telling us we were in the boonies. His words were: "You're out in east bumfuck on one side and west on the other".

By the time we limped our battered '99 Eclipse to the rest stop, the above picture was the result. That gaping maw was from the reverse-mounted rim eating into the tire. We suspect it was because of the bad mounting job the mechanics at the tire center did. She lasted at least another year before we couldn't keep her anymore.

Hope you all enjoyed this story about just one of the many adventures these Eclipses had. Getting the tire fixed and the wonderful gem of a small town we came across as a result is material for a whole 'nother story.

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