The top 10 DriveTribe articles of the year

25w ago


This year of DriveTribe has been a memorable one. I've seen the quality and variety of articles increase throughout the year as the family has grown. The introduction of Moneybox has been a large factor in this where I've witnessed the emergence of up and coming writers. DriveTribe has given them the platform to have their work seen by a large audience and it has resulted in some fantastic content.

I've plucked my top 10 favourite articles of the year, but this list could have been endless! The list is completely subjective, so don't be upset that your article didn't make the top 10!

So, here are my top 10 articles of the year, in no particular order:

1) Ghost car: A 1979 Camaro that was used in the Bosnian war

by Alen R

This is just a crazy story of a classic Camaro in the Bosnian war. We loved this story so much, that we made it into a short film.


2) Is the W series a 'sad day for motorsport' or a vital step towards equality?

by Helena Hicks

Helena takes us through her thoughts in a well debated argument over the new women's only racing series.


3) Performance car bargains for less than £5,000

by Blee Carswell

Blee has been one of many exciting new DriveTribers this year and has written some great stuff. My particular favourite was the performance cars for under £5k as it's as relatable to my current life decisions as any article could possibly be.


4) 5 ridiculous road trips that won't cost a fortune

by Adam Smith

I've been considering a road trip for a while and out of nowhere came this gem of an article from Adam Smith. He's done a few himself including the famous Mongol Rally.


5) 7 most awkward celebrity car endorsements ever

by Caroline Kidd

I'm not sure why, but something just fascinates me about celebrity car endorsements and Caroline has picked seven hilarious examples including Wayne Rooney and the SportKa.


6) 8 Bond cars and actors that should be in the next 007 masterpiece

by Emma Voltaire

Emma has written some great articles this year, my particular favourite being the James Bond cars and actors piece. Not only are the article suggestions great, but some of the comments are hilarious.


7) Can you still run a car if you're broke?

by Martyn Stanley

This is a great relatable piece by Martyn where he delves into the costs of running a car when broke. Whilst we all love reading about performance cars, Martyn has managed to write an article about realistic motoring and make it entertaining and informative.


8) Bringing back the Mk2 Ford Escort

by Matt Parsons

For his 4th year of Industrial Design study, Matt decided to design a modern day Mk2 Ford Escort and his work is magnificent. If Ford are reading this, get in contact with Matt and relaunch the Escort immediately.


9) Poor Playboy - 1968 Rilly Lamborghini Islero 400 GT

by Dylan Smit

If you aren't aware of Dylan's work, go and check it out immediately. If you are a fan of motorsport, in particular retro motorsport, then Dylan is your man. He has written loads of detailed stories about retro race cars, but this Lamborghini Islero 400 GT is my particular favourite.


10) Legendary ultra rate 1 of 19 Godzilla, R34 GT-R Z-Tune Nismo spotted!!

by Jerry Yee

Possibly the best spot of all time. Jerry Yee took some lovely shots of the ridiculously rare R34 GT-R Z-Tune Nismo and I thank him for it. The spotting community has be so active this year and this one tops the lot! Keep spotting Jerry!