The Top 20 most beautiful Japanese cars ever

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In the motoring industry, Japan is known for building reliable cars. They are often considered to have function over style, but this list will prove that Japan has made some of the most beautiful cars of all time.

This list is subjective and I had to leave a few stunning cars off the list, so let me know your favourites in the comments below.

20. Toyota Sera

If anyone else read the "i-Spy" books when they were younger, they will surely remember that this was one of the rarest cars to spot on the open road. It also has huge, unnecessary and awesome gullwing doors.

19. Mazda MX-6

On the UK roads these weren't an uncommon sight and they never really got the praise they deserved. If these had a bit more all-round performance, they would be a popular modern classic for sure.

18. Suzuki Cappuccino

I might get some stick for including this, but I don't care. It's just so damn cute.

17. Honda Legend

It might look mundane to a lot of you, but it has a simple cool elegance, that the understated businessman can use to his advantage.

16. Honda CR-X

Everyone has a soft spot for the Honda CR-X, right? Compact and designed for a purpose, this was the dream car for a lot of people in the 80's and early 90's. If anyone has one of these for sale in the UK in decent condition, message me!

15. Subaru Impreza 22B

Who says an aggressive design can't be beautiful?

14. Honda S2000

Often hailed for its performance and high revving engine, you'd be forgiven for forgetting how good looking a car the Honda S2000 really is.

13. Nissan 300ZX

This screams 90's cool. The long wide body and the iconic headlights are unforgettable. These features helped the 300ZX become one of the all-time best selling sports cars.

12. HOnda s500

One of the first ever Honda production cars, and still one of the most beautiful.

11. Datsun 240Z

I really wish these were affordable in the UK. One of the most iconic cars the ever hit America, the 240Z came in as an MGB GT competitor and smashed it.

10. Lexus LF-A

In Clarkson's words: 'If someone were to offer me the choice of any car that had ever been made ever, I would like a dark blue Lexus LFA'

9. mazda RX-7

I'd say 95% of us have owned one of these in our lifetime. Unfortunately, this is on Gran Turismo. The RX-7 is often modified, but I think it's still beautiful in the original form.

8. Nissan Skyline R34

The next three cars on the list will most likely get a lot of hate for their order, but I had to rank them! The reason the R34 is ranked lower is because I'd lean toward the R32 and R33 being more beautiful. However, if you were to offer me the keys to one of them, it would be the R34.


Just ahead of the R34, the R32 has a more simplistic and sleek design, putting it higher on the beauty scale.

6. Nissan Skyline R33

The reason the R33 ranks highest is purely for its nostalgia trigger to me. This will vary person to person, but my favourite car on the first Gran Turismo was this beast. It pretty much started my love affair with Japanese cars.

5. Mazda RX-3

The RX-3 just has its proportions set out perfectly. If I can't convince you, maybe this Petrolicious video of a modified RX-3 can:


4. Nissan Skyline GT 2000 Coupe

The Skyline to start them all is arguably the most beautiful. Can't help but go weak at the knees for those wing-mirrors.

3. Honda NSX

Everyone knows the Ayrton Senna influence on this car's performance, but you can take true joy purely from the NSX's design. One of the best looking supercars of all time.

2. Toyota Celica A20

The first generation Celica is Japanese design at its best. Cool, proportionate and timeless. If you're not in love yet, watch this video from ElectricFederal:


1. TOyota 2000GT

At number one, we have the Toyota 2000GT. This was labelled the 'Japanese E-type.' I think to label Japanese cars after their European counterparts is doing them a disservice. From every angle the 2000GT is beautiful. I'm putting it out there that not only is this the most beautiful Japanese car ever made, but there is an argument that it is the most beautiful car, period.

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