The Top 5 Craziest Things That Have Happened To Me On A Motorcycle

Have These Happened to You?

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Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous however, that does not mean I'm ever going to stop! 😛

Here is my Top 5 list of the most ridiculous situations I've faced thus far. Although they make for great stores, I would prefer to not go looking for any more. As a result, the lovely Nathan A has offered to do Part 2 in this mini series so be sure to check out his post next week!

1) Run over... TWICE?

I briefly mentioned this one in my previous motorcycle post (click here.) But, this is such a ridiculous story that I'm going to start from the very beginning. So, this happened when I was a teenager. I was that crazy chick who wanted to get her motorcycle license before she got her car license and I signed up for a beginner's course right away. Anyway, the course was two days long and was pretty straightforward for me. As our class was learning to do the slow speed control, another woman for whatever reason freaked out, popped the clutch, and grabbed the THROTTLE. She proceeded to come at me and so obviously I tried to get away but I was too slow. So in quick succession, these next couple of events transpired. She hit me, the bike caught my gear and so she dragged me, ran over my legs, and then ran over my torso.

Isn't that fantastic for one of my first riding experiences?

So yea, it was painful, but I was okay. I needed assistance moving myself off the parking lot. I got a pack of ice but continued to attempt the last two lessons for the day. And then, I showed up the next day, completed my test and passed! The only problem was at this point, I was in a lot of pain. So I ended up going to the hospital and they informed me that I had micro-fractures in my legs. But those healed up nicely a long time ago so I'm good as new!

2) Gravel Is NOT Your Friend

Kay, so this one was when I was learning how to ride on my own bike. This story's bike is a 1977 Kawasaki KH400. It is the red bike in the picture below. With a bike this old, there are bound to be some problems...

My friend, who is an experienced rider, decided to take it upon himself to choose a route for me as a newbie. For whatever reason, he did not mention that this bike had issues going up a hill. He also did not mention how slippery gravel is. Finally, this bike is a kickstart. For those of you who are not dirt bike riders, kick starts can take a couple of attempts to get it going. *Remember, I obtained my motorcycle license BEFORE my car license so I was nervous enough about simply being on the street.*

So, we're riding along and everything is going fine until we ride into this area called the Rouge Valley. It has some scenic roads but, a lot of the roads are covered in gravel. Eventually, we encounter this giant hill. As I'm going up this hill, my bike starts to sputter. I downshift to try and coax it up but this bike was just not having it. So it died. Halfway up the hill.

Not only am I surprised that this happened, I notice that my feet and the bike are slowly sliding down on the gravel. I am also too tiny to kickstart this bike without leaning it over on its kickstand. Although even if I could, I don't know how I would have done it as I was sliding down. So my friend has to ride up the hill (of course on a fancy, new bike) and come running back down to help me kick start it. As I am waiting for him to return, I try to convince this clueless car behind me to either GO AROUND or to back up a bit as I am sliding. It took us a while to get the bike going again but we eventually made it up safe and sound. The rest of the ride was thankfully uneventful.

3) My Bike Is Possessed

This story is with the same KH400. I've never experienced this with any other bike but I swear this one just had a mind of its own. This story is also long after I had gotten comfortable with this bike so there was no reason for any screw ups. On one day in particular, I was puttering along and then the bike would just die at random times. For no reason. I would be going in a straight line in third gear and it would just stall. I think this happened twice that day. Both times I was in the left lane on a busy road and I had to coast down in neutral to safely stop on a shoulder. (There was no room to stop in the left lane on that road). The second time I had to coast to the right side of the road, this couple slowed down blocking my way to take photos of the bike. So like a crazy person, I had to yell at them to get out of the way.

Anyway, no one could ever find anything wrong with the bike and after a weird week or two, the issues just cleared up on its own.

4) My Lane Is My Lane, NOT Yours!

I have to include this one because this is a never-ending experience and it continues to amaze me. For SOME REASON, if I am on a bike and I am riding through the city, male drivers like to roll down their windows and talk to me. Which is weird enough because you would never see me pull up to a guy in a convertible and be like "HEY SUGAR, WHAT'S UP?" Naw.

To make matters worse, as they are talking to me, they seem to struggle remaining in their own lane. So here I am minding my own business, having a random person trying to talk to me while driving, and then proceeding to trying to KILL me by drifting into my lane because they are incapable of driving in a straight line. IF you do this, please re-evaluate your priorities and go take some driving lessons.


For the grand finale, I saved my best story for last. What makes it cooler is that it happened two days ago! I had just left my condo and was going for a nice, relaxing night ride by the water. I completed my first left turn of the evening and BAM! I hit some oil but I didn't see it because it was dark. My front tire went over it no problem. It was the back tire that slid out immediately to the right. So there I am drifting SIDEWAYS down this lane for like a good 30 seconds. I then somehow through sheer luck manage to swing the bike back into proper positioning as I come to a stop at a red light. The driver in the truck next to me just looked at me like...

Of course, like the crazy chick I am, I continue riding farther away from home because I didn't think that the oil would absorb into my tire. After a good 20 minutes, I start noticing how the back tire keeps swinging out for even the slightest curve. By the end of the ride, I felt like my back tire was non-existent and was just floating meaninglessly behind me. I made it home in one piece though! My tire also needed to be changed anyway so I guess this is good timing.

And there you have it! I'm going out for another couple of rides this week so let's hope nothing else happens 😂

What are YOUR crazy stories? Can you beat mine? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Came around a corner going 90+ MPH and there were 5 deer on the entire road. I put on both brakes as much as I could to lessen the impact energy. Then at the last moment I saw one deer walk forward, so I gave it as much throttle as I could and flew between them. They were large deer! The males had 10± points on their antlers!

      2 years ago
    • Wow, we got a bunch of skilled riders on this page when it comes to surviving a herd of deer! 😆 what a great story!

        2 years ago
  • Doesn't beat yours but it's a laugh: Wasp in leathers on a motorway. It got worse when a rozzer stopped while I was doing the dance of waspy death on the hard shoulder and couldn't help laughing at me before telling me I should really get to the next exit as my antics were creating a distraction for other road users.

    Yes, officer, I can ride this machine safely while this small, stripy package of hate sticks its venomous arse-dagger into me repeatedly. How thoughtless of me to stop like this...

      2 years ago
  • So to keep this short I'll skip over the events leading up to the bike sliding into the curb and making two full revolutions in the air before landing in a soft patch of grass. As I tried to catch up to it sliding down the street in shorts and a helmet at 50 miles an hour it began to occur to me the importance of leaving the area as soon as possible. Unknown to me as the katana surprisingly sputtered to life was the crank cover had cracked leading to a steady drip of oil right in front of the rear tire. The tiny drip drip drip felt like a fire hose as any varience in power sent the rear wildly in an uncertain direction. Many years later I find myself racing small dirt bikes on an indoor kart track. The dirt tires are replaced by scooter tires and I see one of the fastest of the group dump straight 10 w40 oil on a rag and wipe both tires. So I enquired politely as motorcycle people do. I really thought he was insane but come to find out it gives incredible grip for about two laps. Really! Grip like you get your leg pinched between the tank and the ground because your pegs are ground to tiny nubs. Anyway my point is to this day I don't understand why this works but we now use the technique on the karts all the time. So why is it? Sometimes you grip and sometimes it's like Godzilla sneezed on the street in front of you. I'll have to take this up with Google. Cheers and great post Bridget!

      2 years ago
    • Great story!

      Never would have guessed that it would give you grip! And I love the mental picture you gave me of Godzilla sneezing all over the street 😂

        2 years ago
  • Twice?!!

      2 years ago
  • That's crazy!

      2 years ago