The top 5 ugliest cars in North America

I would like to say thank for reading this I am a car nut and am going to share that with you. I am starting with my review of what I think are the top 5 ugliest cars in North America and I will start with number 5 and work my way down to number one so here we go.
#5 The Kia Soul
The Soul even though it’s quiet popular looks like some car designer took a box and put it on top of a rectangle then put some headlights in the front and said there you go. No design originality or logical thought put into the Soul and the name is ridiculous as well. Maybe it’s designed for the Grimm Reaper to collect the Soul of any attempt at actual thought in the design of this monstrosity.
#4 The BMW I3
Just looking at the side view of the I3 and I am really wondering why cars have a suicide door like the I3, looking at it straight on makes me think of a sad puppy that just pooped on the carpet. The inside of this BMW looks like a sterile doctor office. Although I am a big fan of hybrid cars I am really not a fan of electric cars due to the poor overall mileage between charges. Putting that aside the I3 looks like it’s almost a car like if it pushes a few more inches it might look like something good but just stops short of it.
#3 The Nissan Juke (or as I call it “Joke”)
Where are the front headlights on the Juke are they the ones on the hood or the ones in between the front grill? I have hear this question from about 5 people who have never seen the car before. It’s poor front end design can be nicely complimented by a rear trunk that ‘s just as hideous. The people who willingly go to the Nissan dealerships looking to purchase this design nightmare are probably not mentality all there.
#2 The PT Cruiser
Where do I start, another failed attempt to make a new car look “Vintage” gone horribly wrong. I think that the designers at Chrysler took a 300, a Sebring and a 1937 Chrysler Town car brought them to Frankenstein’s lab cut them up then put them on a table and hit them with electricity. And just like Frankenstein’s monster the PT Cruiser has a bad brain (engine) as it can be mostly found not on the road but at the mechanics.
#1 The Pontiac Aztek
I just can’t even with this beast but I will try. Let’s start with the front of this SUV/ caravan it’s headlights much like the Nissan Juke can’t be identified immediately, are they on the top or in the front and why is it a circular headlight blended with a rectangular one? And it’s like the front of a Pontiac Grand Am with a bottom tooth looking like grill. The Aztek continues it’s hideous design along the side of the vehicle which has the look of bulkiness and it looks like fractions gone wrong. And the rear has the look of a Rino’s ass! And there you have it I look forward to your comments and what you might think are the ugliest cars in North America.

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