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The Top 7 Most Iconic Fast Fords (linked article)

A celebration of the working class heroes

22w ago

For nearly 60 years, a fast Ford has always been a great way to entice the interest of a keen petrolhead. They provide a thrilling driving experience along with a humble sense that they're your mate.

This is mainly because they're all based off the same cars your dad probably owned at some point. From the iconic Lotus Cortina to the modern Focus RS, there has always been love around a Ford that outruns a sports car and this article celebrates seven of the greatest.

For reference however, this focuses on those sold in the UK and Europe. American and Australian V8s are not included as the list would be far too long!

Enjoy and feel free to provide some feedback.


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  • Back in 1976, my dad had a business partner who owned a 1973 'Riverside Green' Mk1 Ford Capri with a tan interior, when I was... 9 or 10. It was my first real experience riding in a car with a sporty manual gearbox and hearing the awesome engine it had rev when he would accelerate and downshift. I even remember him telling me how a sports car can slow down by downshifting. It definitely made an impression.

    Many years later... 1987-ish, a good friend of mine owned a cool Ford Sierra, sold as the 'Merkur XR4Ti' in America. I've always thought that body design was fantastic. They'll probably soon become collectable, wouldn't you think? They would be a great car for an updated resto-mod car.

    We didn't have the MK1 Escort in America that I can remember. How the story unfolded in America was it being introduced as the Pinto. Ford said it would become the worlds best selling car. Then the explosions happened when it got rear ended. Even though Ford fixed the problem (by developing a rubber bladder to line the inside of the fuel tank) sales plummeted. So what Ford did, was use the same engine in a new iteration of the Escort and sell it instead. The Ford Escort became the world's best selling car in the '80s. So they were right.

    I wish the MK1 Lotus Cortina was sold in America. I love that car!, (Shatner comma) and probably would have owned one at some point, if it was. They've got so much character.

    Nice link to share, thanks!

      5 months ago
    • Ooohh now, the Capri sounds like a lovely car - lucky you got to experience one at the time! But ya, the Pinto was quite the reputation killer and I never actually knew the MK1 Lotus Cortina wasn't sold stateside: I remember seeing one in Fast...

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        5 months ago
    • The Lotus Cortina wasn't sold stateside. Sorry if I didn't make that clear. What I meant to say was, if they WERE sold here I would have owned one and some point, for sure. I don't even think I've seen one in person.

      Oh, and yeah, that Capri was...

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        5 months ago