The top five best sounding racecars of all time

2y ago


#5 Calm down, i know it's not a RACEcar but c'mon listen to the thing: Fezza FXX

#4 Thunderous v8: Shelby DAYTONa coupe

#3 Ear piercing v12: Ferrari 412 T2

#2 Five cylinders of fury: Audi s1 Quattro (Dat wastegate flutter doe)

#1 Four rotor screamer: Mazda 787b

Curveball: Jet turbine powered Howmet Tx

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Comments (49)
  • I feel cheated by not being able to listen to the M1

    2 years ago
    4 Bumps
  • That v12 is one of the best sounds ever made. Let alone an engine

    2 years ago
    1 Bump


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