The Toyota GR 86 makes the Supra look like a missed opportunity

The Supra's GR cousins show the Japanese frim can make good cars without help from Ze Germans

9w ago

Yesterday Toyota unveiled the GR 86 - the successor to the awesome GT86. The addition of 'R' and deletion of 'T' from the name spells trouble for the GR 86's cousin - the Supra.

All this started with the GR Yaris when nearly every other car journalist hopped on the Yaris appreciation train. Whoever drove the GR Yaris, came out with a grin and a smile on his face. At that time people started question Toyota as to why did they need help from BMW for building the A90 Supra.

The GT86 was already loved by car enthusiasts all over the world. It was the recipe of the GT86 that made it so special - lightweight, driver-focused, rear wheel drive with skinny tyres.

Now the GR 86 looks to take all this one step further with even more torsional rigidity and an upgraded chassis. The Yaris and GR 86 show that the boffins at Gazoo Racing know how to build a fun car that petrolheads will like. These two Toyotas show that cars just aren't about going from A to B, they are much more than that. For this exact reason Toyota will always have a special place in our hearts.

The question we are asking Toyota is that why did they have to take help from the Germans when they could make fun cars all by their own. Suddenly, the Toyota Supra looks tragic.

Right now there are three cars Toyota sells under the GR nameplate - the Yaris, GR 86 and the Supra. Two of them will be future classics when EVs take over the world but one will always be remembered as a missed opportunity.

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Comments (2)

  • I don't care if chris harris says the Toyota supra sucks because it was helped by BMW

    I think toyota did the right thing

      2 months ago
  • If they just added hydraulic steering...

      2 months ago