The Toyota GR Yaris Laps Faster Than a Nissan R35 GT-R NISMO*

*only by 4/10ths on a short flat track and under wet conditions, but a win's a win

11w ago

Llandow Circuit, located 15 miles south of Cardiff in Wales, isn't as inspiring a race track as, say, the one in Anglesey where most British motoring publications test cars like the Toyota GR Yaris. But that's where Autocar went for their comparison test five days ago, and they brought along a Nissan GT-R NISMO (R35/2021) for a comparison.

The R35 is 400kg heavier than the diminutive Yaris but is much more powerful and advanced a car by comparison, and given Llandow's layout, you'd think the GT-R could easily outrun the hatchback twice over. But it's rainy, and Matt Prior isn't an elite hot shoe, so the Yaris ekes out 0.4s of space between it and the GT-R. Of course, on a fine, dry day, the R35 will punk the Yaris any day of the week, but it didn't, and the fact that a Yaris can conceivably keep up with a GT-R is an achievement in itself.

So let's find a more realistic gauge of the Yaris' true pace on a single lap.

Here it is fighting a modern revision of the Mini John Cooper Works car...except it wasn't a fight so much as a storm of bullets fired from a gatling gun. With a 5.8-second gulf between the Yaris and Mini, it's pretty much a slaughter in favour of the Yaris, and its 2:03.80 lap is only a second off the FK8 Civic Type-R.

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  • Horses for courses. Rather silly to compare these two, but media outlets nonetheless will produce clickbait content for view counts and ad revenue. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      2 months ago
    • True, that's why I also put in the AMuS test to ground the results in reality. The GR Yaris isn't as dialled in as, say, a Megane RS Trophy, so it's still going to gas itself trying to catch the Renault.

      Unrelated: I really think it's time to...

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        2 months ago
    • Give the GR Yaris the same amount of time the Megane RS Trophy had and I’d have no doubts it’d be a superior platform.

      A GT-R Rally variant isn’t appealing since there’s no FIA WRC category to compete in, why bother? As an engineering...

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        2 months ago
  • Time to find a gr yaris to buy

      2 months ago
  • The way you circumvented clickbait in the title is in and of itself deserving of a fucking award. Have my like, and my thanks.

      2 months ago
    • Learned it all from 2014-2018 era Jalopnik and their forum called Oppositelock.

        2 months ago