The Transmission Quiz (Version 1)

2w ago


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What does the heart and soul of Alfa Romeo call it's gearbox?

  • Selespeed
  • Torqueflite
  • Powershift

What does Toyota call it's gearbox?

  • LSD
  • HSD
  • TSD

What does the bull call it's lightening fast gearbox?

  • Doppia Frizione
  • Selespeed
  • TOFM

Chrysler is using variants of this gearbox for more than 60 years now.

  • Steptronic
  • Torqueflite
  • Powershift

Ford's performance Focus-sed gearbox is called?

  • Powershift
  • Supershift
  • Raceshift

What does the "Motion & Emotion" filled Peugeot call it's gearbox?

  • DSG
  • WAKE6
  • EAT6

"The Best Or Nothing" has it's gearbox named as___? (Mercedes Benz)

  • 7G-Tronic
  • Steptronic
  • PDK

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