The Trio Opens Up About The Grand Tour And Jokes About The BBC And The DailyMail

2y ago


It has been awhile since we've seen an update from The Grand Tour trio, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. The latest one is an interview that was shared in GQ magazine, and they have just released the video version that captured all of the chemistry goodness that we're so used to from these three.

In the video they comment about how different it was to work with the BBC compared to a non-television entity, and how they found great joy in annoying people at the BBC over the smallest things. Amazon, on the other hand, are very receptive to their creative direction, garnering Clarkson-praise that it's the place to create new television shows.

We cannot wait to check out what these three have in store for series two of The Grand Tour. It sounds like they will continually test and try new things that will work with the series, as there are plenty of room for improvement from the first. They don't have much more time to go, however, as most of them have expressed the thought that they can't do this show forever.

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  • Man alive, where's the other half of Clarkson!?

    Way to loose a bucket load of weight dood mon!

    2 years ago
  • funny video guys

    2 years ago


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