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    Canada's first unveiling of the triumph Bonneville bobber

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    This evening I went to Canada's unveiling of the Triumph Bobber. Hosted by International Motorsports Vancouver, this event was rocking with awesome drinks, live music, flash tattoos, haircuts, prizes, arcade games, and of course some great bikes to see! All proceeds from the event went to support Bikers For Autism making the event the perfect combination of fun and social responsibility. Take a look below for some more pictures of the night, including the Bobber itself, and my favorite of the night, the Triumph Street Cup.

    The Triumph Street Cup.

    The Triumph Street Cup.

    The Street Cup is simply beautiful. I could have gazed upon it the whole evening. It's a great mix of personality and purpose and looks much more mature and classy than say a Ducati Scrambler. Its 900cc engine will keep even the most skilled and experienced rider happy, while the styling will be turning heads around the local cafe/pub avenue throughout the night.

    Some more of the bikes in the gallery below

    Let me introduce you to one more bike before we get to the finale. Here's the Triumph Street Twin. I thought I'd make a special spot for it just so I could point out that its got a USB port under the seat to charge devices! Life = Tech + Bike

    Street Twin

    Street Twin

    And now, without further ado, lets introduce the Triumph Bonneville Bobber!

    The main attraction

    The main attraction

    The Bobber is a great bike to look at. You probably can't tell from the pictures that the tank is actually painted a different colour (looked like a maroon or purple). The seat seamlessly floats giving sort of an awe look to the bike. The elongated rear, and the whole bike, in fact, give me reminiscence of bikes of the past, just like the ones Triumph built back in the day. Apparently, there are over 150 different customizations that can be added to the Bobber, making it "unique" for every owner.

    This is the first time the Bobber has been on display in Canada. In the next few weeks, Triumph will be touring the great north and hosting more events like this. I heard from some of the Triumph staff tonight, that the Bobber's not even allowed to be started, lest even be taken for a ride. So it'll probably be a few months till anyone gets their hands on one in Canada. For me, I'm still saving away for the Daytona.

    Tell me your favourite amongst the bikes featured and leave me your thoughts! I leave you with a soundbite from the night.


    I think the band is known as the Banditos. Can someone verify this?

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