The Trouble With DriveTribe Quizzes

I do love a good DriveTribe quiz. But there is one or two little troubles with them...

3y ago

I have to say, I do love a good pub quiz night. At my local, by the time the last question has been asked, your belly will be aching from the amount you will have been laughing. And that's without the intoxicating encouragement of alcohol! Hilarity always shows itself in unlikely places, which is precisely what makes the abundance of anecdotes so funny.

The fun of a pub quiz first starts upon choosing a team name. University Challenged, Big Fact Hunt, Norfolk And Chance, Suffolk And Close, Wheel Beef Hooked, and 5 Idiots And An iPhone are just a few of the names my team has adopted over the years – all of which raising an eyebrow or two, and a cheeky giggle.

The point is, attending a pub quiz – for me at least – has never been about the winning. Which is fortuitous, because even with Siri on side, I've never won one! It's always been primarily about the taking part, because that's where the fun resides. Here on DriveTribe however, quizzes are all about winning. Or more specifically, getting a top score.

Quizzes on DriveTribe are abound – the epicentre for which being the wonderful Quiz Nation tribe. I do enjoy a good automotive quiz, and thankfully, my knowledge on cars is significantly broader than my general knowledge. Not to brag too much, but I pretty much ace every quiz I enter around these parts - which will inevitably lead to people challenging me. "So what's the trouble with that?" you're probably thinking. Well, here it is...

If you're somewhat proud of the fact that you're a smart-arse, once you have achieved top marks on a quiz, it's only right to prove that you scored 100% and post a screenshot in the comments of the quiz so that everyone else knows that you are indeed a smart-arse. However, in your vim to confirm your rainman-knowledge, you may inadvertently end up posting a screenshot like this...

...or this...

...or this...

...yeah! It's never a good idea to share a screenshot of your results if you're over-zealous, or just don't know how to crop a picture. But while this might be a trouble for you – if you're a bit peculiar – it isn't actually a trouble with the quiz itself.

Anyone who's ever been to a pub quiz will tell you that the biggest enemy of any quiz is Google. It's this very reason that my wife has been banned from our local quiz night. No, not because she cheats, or because she has my browsing history – but because I now call her Google as she always has an answer for everything!

At a pub quiz, people moan about others Googling answers when you can see a bright light illuminating their face from under their table. The thing is however, when you then put a quiz online for people to take in the comfort of their own home from their computer, the use of Google is even more inevitable, and most importantly, unstoppable. So really and truly, you never know who's a smart-arse and who isn't.

For those of us who are genuine, bona-fida clever bastards, scrolling through the various quizzes will always be an enjoyable way to kill some time (if you have the luxury of time to kill). And for those people, at least we know we achieved our score without help.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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Comments (3)

  • Your title worried me, Angelo. I was prepared to be extremely hurt, but after reading your article in its entirety, I'm relieved. I've tried to make as many quizzes as possible that eliminate the googlers of the world, for example, I've done a lot more zoomed in picture quizzes that make it harder for them. Thanks again for playing!

      3 years ago
    • Hahaha! No need to worry mate. I think the zoomed in format is the best way to deal with the googling problem. No problem; they're great fun :)

        3 years ago
  • I never post my score on the quizzes and I never google as I am too damn lazy to do that. Besides I enjoy cracking people up into fits of laughter with my terrible guesses. Having the right answer all the time gets very boring lol.

      3 years ago