The Trouble With Speculation - The Impact It Has On The Motoring World

We all partake in a bit of speculation from time to time - but it's important we only take the rumours with a pinch of salt. Here's why...

3y ago

The online motoring sphere practically revolves around speculation. So many tantalising hypercars on the horizon, with so many people chomping at the bit to find out all the juicy details before the manufacturers release any official statistics.

The greatest ally of speculation is the word "leaked". Once you add that word to a piece of speculation, it authenticates it, and makes it seem all that more believable. It's the word that enables people to do what they love doing more than anything else: jump on a bullshit bandwagon.

The critical word in that sentence is, of course, "bullshit", because the majority of speculation is just that. All that's required for rumours to start flowing is for someone to pluck a series of important numbers out of their arsehole, and then publish them to the internet claiming they've been "leaked". And indeed, they did leak – from a place where only shite comes from.

Speculation is the automotive equivalent of shaking a Christmas present to try and guess what it is. And in keeping with that analogy, if the contents are fragile, and the internet shakes hard enough, the present can break.

If the numbers picked out of the aforementioned arsehole were over-inflated, and people put those numbers in their mind as though they're set in stone, when the car comes out with less horsepower and performance than the rumours wrongly suggested, people become disappointed as a result of the lies they contributed to. In other words, they choke on their own shit.

Speculation however is one of the most prevalent inevitables of living in a time where staggeringly awesome machinery exists. But just because it's sacrosanct, it doesn't forego people the responsibility they have to engage their brain, and understand that the only way you can be certain about facts and figures is if they come directly from the manufacturer.

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