The Trouble With the Supercars Penalty System

Inconsistent, dangerous and unfair. Ditch the redress and use time penalties instead

Supercars needs to fix its penalty system. At the very least it needs to be explained better. Over the last few rounds, teams have claimed that penalties received for driving infringements have been inconsistent, and drivers and the media have labelled redresses as dangerous. The fans can't agree about whats fair, but most don't like the redress. At different times, drive through, time, points and grid position penalties have been used. At other times, position redresses have been used. This has led to a situation where teams, drivers and fans are constantly arguing over whether a penalty is fair or not. When you look at each incident though, the penalties do seem to be reasonably consistent. The real problems are the redress and a lack of understanding.

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  • They should have abandoned redressing many races ago

      4 years ago