The truly Monstrous 1600Hp Nissan GT-R R35 of Franco Scribante

Also the Winner of 2019´s edition of Knysna Speed Festival and new Modified Saloon All Time Record Holder..

Although we have presented some crazy looking Monsters over time, this could very well be the craziest machine yet. It´s Franco Scribante´s Nissan GT-R R35, prepared in record time to beat Knysna Speed Festival Record, while "wearing" one of the craziest looking Aerodynamic packages we have seen and at 1600Hp, producing a titanic amount of power.

Pretty much converted into Hillclimb-spec in 3 weeks, this GT-R R35 was originally built by Dodson Motorsport in New Zealand and features the usual VR38 engine unit in quite extreme specification with a 3.8L sleeved bottom end, custom Beryllium Ring headgasket sealing arrangement and engine internals comprising of a Billet Winberg Crankshaft, Billet Conrods, Forged Pistons, Oversized Valves, higher lift and duration Camshafts, dry sump system, Alpha Carbon Fibre Intake Manifold, x12 Injector Dynamics Fuel Injectors.

Add to that the highest spec GR6 transmission from Dodson Motorsport and you end up with a machine capable of being pushed over 2000Hp, but for reliability sake and given it was its competitive debut, only a "quite modest" 1600Hp were used.

With vast portions of the original chassis being spaceframed now, it was also possible to achieve a ±1300kg total weight with no driver and fuel. Oh, and the Aero. Well, that´s the work of Dynamic Aero Solutions and with such short time to prepare the car while at the same time wanting as much downforce as possible to hold down this Monster, turns out the solution passed by fitting ALL the wings, including the now infamous front wing, which may have been taken and adapted from a Porsche 911 GT3 unit...

Well, in any case, final results are what matters and on that front, this machine was as successful as they come. On the video you can watch first what is the fastest ever run of a Modified Saloon in Simola HillClimb at 38.5 seconds and after that the Top 10 Shootout Winning run, with a 39.340 second run, achieved with night falling and no lights whatsoever fitted.

And remember, this was just the debut...

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Comments (4)

  • I'm sure that's a beast in race.

    But the onview was boring as fuck.

      7 months ago
  • There is nothing uglyer but more practical than front spoilers

      7 months ago
  • What did i just see?!

      7 months ago
  • What a Godzilla :o

      7 months ago