The Truth About Clutchless Shifting

1y ago


The guys at MC Garage have been answering some of the oldest questions in motorcycling. Whether they're myths or true, Ari and co have put together a tonne of videos explaining how things work. It's a great series and we really recommend checking out their YouTube channel.

This time they're covering clutchless changes, a topic that will get many people arguing (it certainly did last time!)

Let us know if you use the clutch or not in the comments

I covered this topic briefly in a post a couple of months ago and it got people really angry!

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  • although it can be done . does not mean it should (by newer riders ) muscle memory is the worse part of this . in a panic chances are riders will forget to squeeze clutch ,not a problem if they get all the way stopped . but what if they need to get back underway quick ? rub your belly and pat your head . switch back and forth a few times by someone else's commands... sooner or later you don't do it right . on a bike it could be your life that is gone not a transmission .

    1 year ago
  • Yep always clutches up but not down.

    1 year ago


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