The Truth About Clutchless Shifting

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3y ago

The guys at MC Garage have been answering some of the oldest questions in motorcycling. Whether they're myths or true, Ari and co have put together a tonne of videos explaining how things work. It's a great series and we really recommend checking out their YouTube channel.

This time they're covering clutchless changes, a topic that will get many people arguing (it certainly did last time!)

Let us know if you use the clutch or not in the comments

I covered this topic briefly in a post a couple of months ago and it got people really angry!

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Comments (6)

  • Well… as when i bought the bike the left side lever was included already in the price, i'll use it anyways… :-D

      1 year ago
  • Have ridden bikes for 35+ years and always clutchless upshift when accelerating hard. It just feels so natural on some machines. I’ve a DCT Africa as one of the bikes in the garage at the moment, now that takes shifting to another level!

      3 years ago
  • although it can be done . does not mean it should (by newer riders ) muscle memory is the worse part of this . in a panic chances are riders will forget to squeeze clutch ,not a problem if they get all the way stopped . but what if they need to get back underway quick ? rub your belly and pat your head . switch back and forth a few times by someone else's commands... sooner or later you don't do it right . on a bike it could be your life that is gone not a transmission .

      3 years ago
  • Yep always clutches up but not down.

      3 years ago
  • Alway clutchless on way up on fj1200 just not down

      3 years ago