The Truth About The Seven 'Hidden' Mclaren F1 Chassis

Not your typical kind of mystery eh?

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About a year ago Car Throttle posted a video on their YouTube channel explaining many interesting Mclaren F1 stories. If you haven't watched the video, it mostly talks about some of the most thrilling and exiting Mclaren F1 stories and some of the most fascinating F1 chassis. The Mclaren F1 has declared itself as one of the best supercars and cars in the entire world, the 6.1 L BMW V12 has been the biggest game-changing supercar of the 20th century. Gordon Murray designed this car to be the ultimate road car, and it has achieved just that. The 1992 car is still just as powerful and just as timeless as supercars to this day, with a top speed of 240mph this car still stands as one of the fastest cars today, and it was released almost 29 years ago. The 6-speed manual, 616bhp super car is established to be car enthusiasts' dream ride obviously, it is kinda out of the question with Mclaren f1 chassis going for about $20million dollars a pup.

Yet, the story that stood out to me the most in the Car Throttle video, was the 'missing' or the 'held in hiding' 7 Mclaren F1 Chassis. Let's break down this story piece by piece...

Car Throttle Dec 18, 2019 - (I do not own any of the pictures)

Car Throttle Dec 18, 2019 - (I do not own any of the pictures)

Car collectors are all over the globe, from rich people to even richer people, many wealthy people have very exotic garages and cars. It has been a passion for many petrol heads, I mean if we had the money no one could stop us from making a Jay Leno sized garage. It's a far-fetched dream... but who knows, maybe one day we can be like this one certain car collector. The Sultan of Brunei has been one of the most exotic car collectors in the world, he has some of the most ridiculous and most expensive automobiles in the world. And just like every one else, the Sultan was obsessed with the Mclaren F1 once it was released to the public, I mean who wouldn't be?

Not that we can relate to this obviously, but the Sultan of Brunei bought 10 Mclaren F1's. Yes, ten Mclaren F1's, do you want me to say that again? Ten Mclaren F1's... Moving on, Mclaren made and produced about 106 F1's in total, not including the LM or the illegal road ones. It is set that half of the Sultans cars were road-legal while the other half were famous racing chassis. Let's track back a bit, those 10 supercars were and take up a huge percentage of Mclaren's F1 production line, making him probably the only person with the most Mclaren F1's ever.

He owned 10 of one of the most rare cars in the world, I would have fainted if I even saw ONE. Now what happened to those specific chassis you may ask? Well, I give Car Throttle all that credit, they went into depth and dug deep into this specific story. Although, I will give you a brief overview of what happened to those certain Mclaren F1 chassis. You're welcome.

Chassis no. 004

This gorgeous all red Mclaren F1 was sadly crashed during the mid-90s, and even more unfortunately it was torn up and used for parts and restorations for the rest of the Mclaren F1 collection. This has broken our huge petrol head hearts, not only is the F1 absolutely stunning in the color red, chassis no. 004 was also a perfectly fixable f1 that was wasted. Well, we don't really know how fixable it really was...

Chassis no. 014

Here's another interesting colored Mclaren f1, chassis no. 014 was a yellow road car. Yet, during the early 2000s this certain F1 was sold to a famous actor you might know, he is named Chris Evans. Imagine having a yellow Mclaren F1, let me rephrase that again, imagine owning a yellow Mclaren F1 previously owned by the Sultan of Brunei. Yet, that wasn't the only F1 sold to Chris Evans...

Chassis no. 005

Yup you read that right, another one of the Sultans Mclaren F1's was sold to Chris Evans, except this one was black instead of yellow. Chris did some minor modifications to his TWO Mclarens, such as adding a high downforce kit or painting one of them white. Does Chris still own these two hypercars? That's a topic for another day...

Here comes the interesting and captivating part of the story, so far we have gotten through about three of the Mclaren f1 chassis. What happened to the other 7? Well, the 7 other cars are the ones that really have the mysterious unsolved backgrounds. Mysterious meaning that we really don't know what happened to them. Are they missing? Are they hidden? No one really knows, which is why this certain 'mystery' is very entertaining to the car community.

Chassis no. 008

This road legal blue Mclaren has never been seen before, it's either hidden, missing, something happened to it or it's just never going to get out of the garage. Sad.

Chassis no. 002

Chassis no. 002 concluded the road legal Mclaren F1's of this certain collection, again, it has never seen the light of day either.

The road legals are finished, let's get into the rest six track focused F1's...

Chassis nos. 5 and 1, 4

These specific chassis are part of the Mclaren F1 LM specification variants, also the same story as the others, they are nowhere to be seen.

Mclaren F1 GTS: Chassis no, 09R and no. 54f1gt

Interesting story with these, they were painted and specked out to resemble the Tokyo Ueno Clinic car that won and took a victorious victory at the 1995, 24 hours Le Mans.

No one knows, and I doubt anyone will ever know what happened to these stunning 7 Mclaren F1's, it is pretty confounding once you think about it. It is so immensely crazy that these amazing cars can just be hidden for many years and not ever be seen. They consist of F1's, F1 GTR'S, LM's etc. It is very unclear and unknown of what is happening and what has occurred to these special and certain chassis. They are probably locked in one of the Sultans huge garages, which doesn't really sit well with me...

(Click to watch the full video by Car Throttle)

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  • The sultan of Brunei is just wasting his money and neglecting the cars which should be a crime

      2 months ago
    • Exactly! It gets me frustrated that he doesn’t even care about them.

        2 months ago
    • Who knows how many other cars he has that the public has never seen, like the Bentley Spectre...

        2 months ago
  • There's also the mythical chassis 039 which has been rumored to be lost on the wild lands of Mexico

      2 months ago
    • Really? I never knew about that, that’s pretty interesting... i’ll do my research on that one!

        2 months ago
    • Yeah, Vinwiki uploaded a video recently narrating the weird story behind it, it was a bizarre color combination and no one really knows where it ended up, there are some pictures of the car in the late 90's in Mexico but no trace of the car after

        2 months ago
  • What a story, so weird 😵

      2 months ago
  • Yep, I enjoyed that vid when I first saw it. To have that much money to purchase 10 right off the bat! It’s good to be the sultan. 😂

    It’s unfortunate they’re rotting away. Alas...

    We have the upcoming T50 to look forward too now. 😉

      2 months ago
  • They'll probably all turn up at some point when the Sultan eventually dies or has to sell off some of his collection again for whatever reason.

      2 months ago