- Photo Credit: TVR UK

The TVR Griffith Is Interesting as a Viper Guy

6w ago


TVR hasn't had much coverage in the news lately. They said they were going to bring the Griffith to production not long ago and the only thing heard since then was crickets. We did catch wind of TVR getting things back on track recently, but I'm not talking about that today. I'm taking a “thinking-out-loud” approach to this article.

Let's understand one thing about both cars: They're ideologies are exactly the same. They're High Performance, bare-bones sports/supercars (the Griffith and Viper respectively) with 6-speed manuals and an eye on the past. Even when you account for the Griffith's under tray and some active aero, it really isn't the techno-fest other sports cars are.

So why does that make the Griffith interesting from a Viper perspective? Consider this: Given the current trend in the auto industry moving towards electrification, hybridization, and using technology to go faster, it's almost odd that TVR went with a far more simplistic approach to their new sports car. Very Viparian if you ask me.

That's the thing though, can a car as no-frills as the Viper sell? Let alone exist? The only car that can answer that question, in my opinion, is the TVR Griffith. If TVR can get through all its problems and bring the Griffith to market AND sell it in decent numbers, then that might prove there is still a place in the market for a bare-bones sports car/supercar.

What do you think though? Is it possible for the Viper to exist in this technology-festooned market, or have people really lost interest in raw cars? Let me know in the comments below. As always thank you for reading! See you soon.