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The two slowest-selling cars in the US are both Mitsubishis

Forgotten Mitsubishi has proved not every company can sell a CUV, or that everyone remembers they exist. Mitsubishi who? Eclipse what?

MT Blake posted in USA News

4w ago


The goliath of JDM-goodies from my childhood is a mere shell of its former self. The days of the 3000GT, Lan-Evo, Eclipse GSX, Galant VR-4, and Montero (Pajero) were supplanted by the rubbish Outlander and the abomination that is the Eclipse Cross. Their current offerings are uncouth against god and will probably end up being the death knell for the entire brand. Good riddance I say, if this the best they can do.

Mitsubishicars.com gallery image of the 2020 Eclipse Cross.

Mitsubishicars.com gallery image of the 2020 Eclipse Cross.

Anyone who would tell you to buy a Mitsubishi is either a shill or an imbecile. My words are stout because my passion for the company we once had runs deep. I am not only apart of the 'Anti-CUV Reformation League' but also the current Chapter President. 'All hail the wagon! Sports car or no car!' and other chants are made as we burn effigies of the Eclipse Cross.

My angst for the avalanche of CUV domination has its brief moments of relief - especially when I read about how Mitsubishi has the 1st and 2nd slowest-selling cars in the USA. No surprise here. When was the last time you heard anyone say, "I'm going to go buy a new Mitsubishi". I entirely forget they haven't folded most days.

Image courtesy of iseecars.com and Carscoops for the clip.

Image courtesy of iseecars.com and Carscoops for the clip.

According to iseecars.com, the Mitsubishis languish on dealer lots longer than any other car. The Outlander is the worst at 197.7 days, beating the Eclipse Cross - by a mere ten days - at 187.7 days. That's like selling on July 15th if you put the car on the lot on January 1st. I wonder how much value the car has lost merely sitting for seven months?

Making matters worse is the fact the Outlander is apparently the 'flagship'. The captain of the Mitsubishi flotilla has to sail into the treacherous waters of the perpetual-automotive-war in what?! The battle was lost long ago. Turn around and come up with a better plan! This is a suicide attack. Was a Pyrrhic victory the only hail mary they could come up with?

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  • They need to bring back the Lancer Evo or the regular Eclipse

      28 days ago
  • Did you say Itchitushi?

      27 days ago
  • Let it die.

      28 days ago
  • In addition to crap cars they have a crap marketing strategy, all their commercials are about how you can buy one with no credit check like it’s a cheap piece of furniture.

      26 days ago
  • Mitsubishi's in the US are crap.

      28 days ago