The types of people you meet at a trackday

The Types of people at trackdays, which one are you?

4y ago

If you're a trackday regular you'll be aware of the routine - turn up - pray you pass noise testing - ignore the briefing - bacon sandwich & coffee. Between the sessions & red flags you'll probably have a wander up and down the pitlane to check out the competition, here's what you're likely to see:


Sparco boots slow ...

Now there's nothing against these guys, I wouldn't want to drive a small flat in London around a track and potentially have a Clio smash through the kitchen. You'll find these types hugging the right of the track leading up to the corners and passing you on the left on the long straights.

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Please note - overtaking them can only be accomplished once you have tailgated them for 3 laps.

Eat my left ball, I'm better than all of you Ginetta Owners

Eat my left ball...


Eat my left ball, I'm better than all of you. - This is what is running through their minds as they shunt you out their way leaving you with a flashing abs light and in no man's land. It is said there is a secret paddock in every circuit where these guys retreat back to between sessions, only appearing again as if by magic on the track before anyone else.

The JDM crew

JDM ...

The Zeds, Hondas, Scoobies and EVOs crew are a mixed bunch who you'll often find smoking (or vaping) in the garages sticking more stickers to their cars and talking about Japfest this year. Their high revving imports are often heard as they scream past you out of the bends, before being pulled into the pits because their dodgey aftermarket exhaust is too loud on the drive-by. A solid bunch who'll come and talk to you about your car, offer advice and have a good laugh with you after a 5 lap brawl.


HERO Super...
@dedicationchris - instagram

@dedicationchris - instagram

Now unlike the Sparco boots slow guys, there is sometime the unicorn supercar owner that brings his Ferrari of GT3 and spanks it around the track to within an inch of it's life, spunking a set of tyres per day. I've only ever seen one or two people do this as I imagine the natural instinct for these guys is go the Caterham or Ginetta route but I imagine these guys were really disappointed with the 'on-rails' supercar experience days with a soppy instructor sitting next to them. Often the ones to beat on the trackdays and generally pretty decent dudes, execept for perhaps that infamous GTR driver. See below.

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Classic Car ...


There's always one trooper that brings his father's ford Capri or Austin Healy (sometimes a Datsun) back to life from the rusty doom and ceased engine, sticks some tyres on it, a lick of paint and down to the track it goes. Little do they know, they've been resurrected form the eternal sleep back into a harsh world of redlines, missed gears and being overtaken by almost everything on the track (possible even the Sparco boots slow guys). Good on these guys though, it's always great to chat to them about their restorations.

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