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The UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour UK might get Richard Hammond fuming

You might see him with raised eyebrows for the coming couple of weeks

1y ago

Hate might be a short word to describe the display of disregardful and extreme emotions we've come to witness and enjoy over the years whenever the words 'Nissan' and 'Juke' are spoken about, in proximity to Richard Hammond. And now, he might not be able to watch football.

The annual UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour is on its way to the UK. Except, it's already here. Starting 1st of December, one of the most prestigious trophies in club football will be travelling across the prominent towns of Great Britain, offering football fans the opportunity to witness the trophy up close along with the chance to meet certain veterans.

Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke

I believe our Hamster won't be attending the event. Instead, he might be stationed around the bend, with a baseball bat, recollecting his non-violent day with the Toyota Picnic, waiting for the trophy to be moved to its next scheduled location inside its official transport vehicle - the Nissan Juke. He had an extreme hatred towards the previous gen of the Juke, but nothing has been said about the latest gen yet. Although if you're in the new Nissan Juke and you come across any such display of loathing from the car beside you, there is a high possibility it is him. If you do have such an encounter, click a photo of him and comment it here.

Nissan claims the Juke will be the star attraction of the Tour. I believe it might be Hammond if he has a bat or a hammer in his hand. But nevertheless, the Tour is scheduled around the country for about two weeks.

Starting from Macklin Motors Glasgow Central on the 1st, the Tour will proceed to Chorley Preston on December 3, before making its way to West Way Manchester on the 4th, and Cars2 Huddersfield on the 5th. It will then be visiting the Glyn Hopkin St Albans Nissan on Saturday the 7th with ex-Chelsea star Jose Bosingwa in attendance.

The Trophy Tour will then push on to attend the Champions League match between Chelsea and Lille at Stamford Bridge on December 10, before making its final dealership appearance at Motorline Reading on December 14.

Nic Verneuil, Marketing Director at Nissan Motor (GB), said, "As official automotive partner, it's great to see the next generation Nissan Juke connecting football fans through our latest technology to their best experience of the UEFA Champions League". Who knows, fans might 'connect' better to the car if Hammond is invited to the Tour as well.

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