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The UK has had to pay £3.5m in pothole compensation claims

Freedom Of Information Requests by Lease Car have revealed that over 35,000 compensation claims have been made related to pothole damage since 2018.

New research has revealed that compensation claims for pothole related damage exceeded £3.5 million in the UK since last year.

Lease Car sent a series of Freedom Of Information Requests to 70 different English councils, asking them how much they have had to pay drivers for pothole-related compensation.

They found that a total of 37,578 claims have been made, amounting to an eye-watering £3,520,538.38 being paid in compensation.

Surrey County Council was top of the list for both the number of claims made and the amount they have had to pay out in compensation.

In Surrey, there were 3,533 claimants saying they or their vehicles had been affected by potholes on the road and the Council had to pay £323,222 in damages.

Although you can come across potholes at any time of year, they tend to form during the winter months. The cold weather freezes and expands water beneath the surface. Cracks appear in the road, which in turn create potholes.

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