The UK's first Chiron has just gone up for sale

Bugatti Chiron

3y ago

One of the first UK customer Bugatti Chirons has just cropped up for sale at Romans International making it the first on the English market. As expected the price is POA but we can imagine it will surpass the £3 million mark with ease.

Finished in Nocturne Black with a Beluga Black interior, it has only covered 1,330 miles before the owner decided to move it on. Taking into consideration that a lot of Bugatti owners barely drive their cars with a fair few of them sitting in collections, at least this example has been used.

Fitted with a £53,226 option that consists of a leather and carbon fibre interior, this Chiron hasn't been skimped upon by the original owner. Added upon that, the interior features a £15,960 seat of carbon fibre sport seats to boot.

You can view the advert at Romans by clicking the link here.

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