The Ultimate $500,000 3-Car-Garage

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A few months back, we released an article challenging you to list, what you thought to be, the ‘Ultimate AUD$500,000 3-Car-Garage’. The response we received was… shocking to say the least. Having surveyed the comments, we were dismayed to find that not a single one of you managed to answer correctly. For the most part, ya’ll managed to stay under the $500,000 limit (except the bloke who suggested an LFA…) and abide by the criteria to (one daily driver, one Sunday driver and one classic car), however, everyone’s answers were incorrect. And yes, there is a correct answer to this challenge. Our answer.

Now, don’t go arguing “but it’s subjective!” — you’re still wrong. Also, to the fellow who thought daily driving a Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni was a good idea: We’ve booked you into a psychiatric ward.

Without further ado, here it is. Our list. The RIGHT list. Bring on the angry comments.

1. BMW 1-Series M - The Daily Drive -$80,000

In our recent ‘Top 7 Affordable Automotive Investments’ post, we declared the BMW 1-Series M to be the best BMW ever made. We still stand by that.

With 250kW, rear-wheel drive, a manual transmission and a ‘back-to-basics’ cabin, the 'M' (as we should now reference it) is proper enthusiast vehicle. It harks back to a simpler era of driving. An era when electrical assistance was considered witchcraft. An era when cars had teeth and ate people.

As a daily driver, it would be an absolute riot.

2. Jeep Wrangler Trailcat - The Sunday Drive - $250,000

Ok. So you can’t technically go out and purchase a Trailcat because, well, they only made one. And it is priceless. HOWEVER, you can get darn close to MAKING one. Which is exactly what we would do.

In the United States (where this build would have to take place), 707HP Hellcat crate-engines cost around US$20,000. Seeing as the car would cost us around US$35,000 we would be left with the best part of AUD$175,000 for modifications (after conversion). Would that be enough? We sure hope so.

We would employ the help of ‘Starwood Motors’, a world-renowned American vehicle dealer famous for fettling with Jeeps, transforming them into Frankenstein-esqu creations. Our confidence in ‘Starwood Motors’ is based solely on their promise that they can “customize your Jeep in any way your imagination can think it” (according to their website at least). Seeing as they were the ones to create the nonsensical ‘Bandit Jeep + Truck’ (pictured below), we believe them.

The big question though: Why a Wrangler?

Because everyone has space for a Hellcat-powered Baja Rally vehicle in their life.

3. Subaru Impreza WRX 22B STi - The Classic - $170,00

Yes, we have indeed chosen a creaky twenty-year-old WRX as our classic. A car all but synonymous with backwards baseball-cap-wearing yobbos who plague industrial carparks at 3AM. This one, though, is different. We promise.

See the ‘22B’ preceding ‘STi’? Well, that signifies both the displacement of this certain STi (2.2L) and the existence of a whopping-great turbocharger in the engine bay (‘B’ acts as one of Subaru’s internal codes for ‘Turbo’).

...the greatest STi ever made.

Only the truth.

Translation: the 22B is the greatest STi ever made.

Created to celebrate Subaru’s third consecutive title in the FIA World Rally Championship as well as its 40th anniversary, the 22B was designed to epitomise the STi nameplate. A car that bridged the gap between rally-car and road-car like none before.

Could we find one for sale? Err… no. Nonetheless, should we ever come across one on the market, a hundred grand should be more than enough to convince the owner to part with the most illustrious WRX model ever. Or so we’re hoping.

With an anticipated $70,000 left over, we would do what any sensible owner in a similar position would do. Convert it into a road-going rally-car. Think sequential-box, stripped out cabin, shouty exhaust… it would be complete and utter chaos.

Agree? No? Go on then. Get shouting in the comments. We can take it.

Photography Credits: Daimler, BMW, FCA Jeep, Starwood Motors, Silverstone Auctions.

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