The ultimate Dodge Viper quiz!

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From 2013-2015 the Dodge Viper was not called the Dodge Viper but rather the...

  • SRT Viper
  • Dodge Super Snake
  • Hellcat Cobra

From 2005-2006 the Dodge Viper was sold in the UK but under the name the Dodge SRT-10 because...

  • The Viper name is trademarked in the UK
  • Chrysler did not think people knew what a Viper was in the UK
  • Chrysler wanted the car to sound more sophisticated for the UK market

What car company helped design the original Dodge Viper V10 engine?

  • Lamborghini
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Shelby American

In 2004 Dodge sold a limited edition version of the Viper called the...

  • Mamba edition
  • Hell-Snake edition
  • King Cobra edition

At the 1989 Detroit Autoshow the Dodge Viper debuted the same day as which two new car brands? (Select both)

  • Lexus
  • Infinity
  • Kia

On the first few hundred Vipers produced Francois Castaing stamped his name where?

  • Inside the oil pan
  • Dashboard
  • Under the engine

In 2013 Dodge introduced the special edition Viper called the TA, what does TA stand for?

  • Time Attack
  • Track Associated
  • Technical Adrenaline

What generation is this Dodge Viper?

  • 4th gen.
  • 3rd gen.
  • 5th gen.

This is a Dodge Viper ACR, what does ACR stand for?

  • American Club Racer
  • Automobile Certified Racecar
  • American Continental Racer

The 5th gen. Dodge Viper set a Nurburgring lab record for American, RWD, and manual cars at a time of...

  • 7:01.3
  • 7:05.1
  • 7:10.92

What is unique about the Dodge Viper's 3rd brake light?

  • It's the Viper logo that lights up
  • It's at the front of the car
  • It animates a snake slithering across the back of the car

The Dodge Viper sadly stopped production in what year?

  • 2017
  • 2019
  • 2015

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