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The ultimate driving machine vs the time machine! Which one would you choose?
  • BMW i8
  • Delorean DMC-12

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Comments (8)

  • Thanks, I'll pick this one :).

      29 days ago
  • Time machine to go back in time to smash the face on the designer of the current bmw grill. See how they like it.

      29 days ago
  • You say “ultimate driving machine”, but i see only an overhyped, overpriced, old, slow hybrid.

      29 days ago
  • I Love the Delorean looks, but apparently it weighs a tonne because of all the stainless steel, the engine is weak, and suspension too soft. As far as I've heard, it's a letdown to drive.

    For that reason I'd go for the i8.

      29 days ago
  • Hmmmm. De Lorean looks cool. But that’s about it

      27 days ago


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