The ultimate Ford Mustang quiz!

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The high-performance version of the Ford Mustang is known as the...

  • Shelby Mustang
  • Cobra Mustang
  • Super Mustang

Despite not being official, early production Ford Mustangs are commonly referred to as the...

  • 1964 1/2 models
  • Pony models
  • Iacocca models

How many Mustangs were sold in the first year of sales?

  • 400,000+
  • 100,000
  • Slightly less than 40,000

The 1975 Ford Mustang with the 140 Lima Inline 4c Engine (2.3 L) had how much horsepower?

  • 88
  • 167
  • 123

This iconic Mustang used by Steve McQueen in the movie "Bullitt" is known as the Mustang...

  • Bullitt
  • McQueen
  • Moneyback

What happened with the first-ever Mustang?

  • It was accidentally sold
  • It was driven into a river by an intern who thought it was amphibious
  • It fell out of the airplane that was transporting it to its first showing

This is the 1971 Ford Mustang...

  • Mach 1 Fastback
  • GTA Fastback
  • Boss 302 Fastback

The most popular Mustang color over all the years has been...

  • Red
  • White
  • Blue

What generation is the Ford Mustang is currently in?

  • 6th
  • 7th
  • 8th

This is the Ford Shelby Mustang...

  • GT500
  • GT350R
  • GT500R

The 2015 Mustang was the first Mustang with...

  • A factory designed right-hand drive model
  • Sequential turn signals
  • More than 500hp stock

What car was initially intended to be the 4th gen Mustang?

  • Ford Probe
  • Mazda 3
  • Ford Fairmont

About 1,000 black with gold striped Shelby GT350s were created for a deal with what company?

  • Hertz rental cars
  • Pennzoil
  • Miller Light

In 2018 Ford hit what milestone with the Mustang?

  • It produced its 10-millionth Mustang
  • It was the 50 year anniversary of the Mustang
  • It became Fords most sold vehicle of all time

This absolute disgrace is known as the Ford Mustang...

  • Mach-E
  • Model-X
  • GT-E

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