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The Ultimate Globe Trotter?

What a bloody difficult question this one is. The best car for travelling around the world. This car has to be able to tackle every single challenge thrown at it; the blazing heat of the Sahara Desert, the debilitating cold of the Siberian plains and even the narrow cobbled streets of European cities. The car will have to be absurdly reliable, as well as being able to offer more comfort than Grandad's favourite armchair. This is a massive amount to ask of a single car, however I believe there are a few worthy contenders for the prestigious spot of The Spooling Turbo's Ultimate Globe Trotter. Here are my top 3 in no particular order:

Just on a quick note, I am ashamed to admit that my initial thought was "Its no competition, a Land Rover Defender" but then I remembered that they are about as comfortable as a bare back mule with 3 legs. Sorry to disappoint all the tweed wearing farming enthusiasts from the Cotswolds. It's time to start thinking modern, and this is what I have come up with:

Land-Rover Discovery 2017:

I think it looks good. Not great however.

Apparently it can swim as well...

Sucker for tanned leather...

Of course a Land-Rover was going to make it into this top 3 list, they are after all a pioneering company in production off-road capability. They first started to flex these muscles with the series 1 Defender almost 70 years ago in 1948. Times have changed since then however and their current range of cars offer incredible off road skills as well as astonishing comfort levels. The 2017 Discovery is the perfect blend of comfort, reliability and practicality. In my opinion the best engine choice would be the latest 3.0L Turbo Diesel from Land-Rover, which offers a modest 258BHP but a massive 442 ft-lbs of torque, perfect for getting you out of a sticky situation, whilst also offering 40+MPG. The new Discovery also boasts the latest in off-roach technology which is the main reason for me selecting it. For example, Down Hill Descent control. This is where the cars knows you are travelling down a very steep gradient and takes control, quite literally. This prevents an off-road novice like me from panicking and getting the car down the hill, only on its roof. The 2017 Discovery also has the new Land-Rover Terrain Response 2, where the car knows the type of surface you are driving on and so automatically sets up the power delivery, suspension dynamics and a plethora of other settings to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Jeep Renegade Trailhawk 2017:

Look at that nimble little thing!

I would describe the interior as "funky".

Probably not an option many people were expecting. However, I just had to put it in the top 3 when this car starts at just £18,250 (it also won 4x4 of the year 2017 before anyone starts shouting at me). That`s incredible value for money when you compare it to the aforementioned £70,000 Land-Rover. Also, in case you haven`t noticed, the car in question here is no standard Renegade, this is Jeeps Trailhawk version. This basically means that Jeep have peppered the little Renegade in optional extras which make it a better off-road machine. For example, a 9 speed automatic gearbox to make the most of traction when it is limited and a plucky 2.0L multi-jet lump which produces 190BHP and 258ft-lbs of torque. The Trailhawk also has variable terrain settings like the Land-Rover, however they must be manually selected, as well as skid plates to deflect anything that decides it wants to try and make a hole in the underside of your shiny new Jeep. What this car can do far better than the Discovery is fit in...This car is far smaller than the Land-Rover and would therefore be the preferred choice of vehicle for most people when navigating old twisting narrow streets in Italy.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2017?

The shape has ceased to change much over the years, but I think that`s a good thing.

One thing that you can guarantee is that this thing will be bomb proof, simply because it comes from the creators of the legendary Hilux, however the Hilux is a bit clunky and dated to make it into this list. The Land Cruiser is a brilliant all rounder that wont break the bank either, with prices starting at £37,000 and impressive MPG figures of 39.2MPG from the get go. The engine of choice for this comparison would have to be the 2.8L Turbo diesel. Being a Japanese car its also crammed with technology. For example, a VFC system (Variable Flow Control) where the power steering gives you a more solid and defined drive whilst also almost totally eradicating body roll at low speeds, a problem with big SUVs in urban areas. The Land Cruiser also has a system called "Multi-Terrain Select", so you can tell the car what type of surface you are scrambling across. The Land Cruiser also has 6 cameras which connect to the center console display via live feed, meaning you are able to see the terrain around the car you cant see from the cabin. To be honest, even if the car was terrible, it would probably make the top 3 just for the name..."Land Cruiser". It just sounds epic.

So, there we have it, the 3 Ultimate Globe trotters in my opinion. Let me know your top 3 pics down below!

By Hector Lopez-Valido #Thespoolingturbo #SUV #offroad