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    Comments (12)
    • Great video Jethro and and equally great car

      3 months ago
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    • Why is there scaffolding tubing inside the cabin? Do people buying cars this bespoke need to have their brains knocked out in an accident?

      Sheesh, there's not even a diagonal in it.

      3 months ago
    • Sorry if I'm picky but I can understand Jethro and Henry's very neutral English fine without subtitles. I know the Bugatti replica video needed them because the car was so noisy, but if you're putting them on everything now then please upgrade the video player to make them switchable. I find them distracting when I don't need them.

      3 months ago
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    • Nothing Tuthills haven't been doing for years. E.g. Chris harris's Kermit

      3 months ago
      • Does that make it bad? Drove Chris' car and it was fantastic. We're trying to organise a Tuthill video soon. Agree they're brilliant creations.
        3 months ago
    • Helping the RS display at local Porsche centre

      3 months ago
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