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The ultimate roadside attractions road trip itinerary

The quickest way to see 25 of America's best roadside attractions

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With more than four million miles of road, massive national parks, and scenic coastlines, the USA is a road trip lovers dream.

But even the most seasoned drivers need to stop and stretch their legs now and again, and thankfully, when it comes to quirky and interesting places to kill some time, the U.S more than delivers.

Salvation Mountain, California - Unsplash @meganmarieee19

Salvation Mountain, California - Unsplash @meganmarieee19

But if I learnt anything from watching Paul Rudd in The Fundamentals of Caring, it's that not all roadside attractions are created equal, so which ones are actually worth a detour?

Well, by using a combination of data from Instagram and TripAdvisor, money.co.uk have found 25 of the best roadside attractions in the USA, and plotted the most efficient route for visiting all 25 in a single trip

The ultimate roadside attraction road trip is a 9,918-mile loop and will take roughly 14 days to complete, with a total of 154 hours spent on the road.

The route is designed so that travellers can start at any point of their choosing and eventually end up back where they started while travelling through more than 30 states.

It's fair to say that this road trip isn't for the faint-hearted, but just imagine how much richer your insta feed will be for having done it.

See the full itinerary as well as the states with the highest and lowest density of roadside attractions per 100 road miles here.

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