T​he Ultimate Roadtrip Playlist

L​et's create an ultimate list of songs to cross the country to!

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H​ow many times did you have to chaotically fiddle with CD's, while holding onto the steering wheel for dear life? How many times did you have to fight the Bluetooth connection on your damn radio, wishing it'd finally f-ing work? How many times did you try to type in the song on your phone, so desperate to have a pleasant ride? How many times, I ask, have you, resigned, let your passangers choose the music throughout the entire roadtrip, ending up with the worst playlist ever created...

F​ar too many.

N​o more.

T​he idea for this social initiative is simple - let's create an ultimate list of songs to cross the country (or continent, sky is the limit!) to, together. We all, surely, have different music tastes, but let's face it: there's something about the roadtrips that brings out the beast in us, the need to listen to that specific kind of tunes. Cheery, energetic, powerful, making you want to sing along as you take in the magnificent views you're passing.

H​ow do we do it, you might ask?

F​or starters, let's share our favorite roadtrip songs in the comments! That way, we will all easily have a way to view them, only to then form them into an individual, desirable form of playlist; on a CD, iPod, YouTube, or a flashdrive.

In the meantime, I'll be collecting your tunes as well, adding them to the playlist on Spotify. It's another easy way to store them, if you use the platform, so it might come in useful. The link to our Spotify playlist is HERE, I already prepared a few catchy roadtrip songs for you, and will be updating the thing.

L​et the fun begin!

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